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Your suspension is essentially an oil pump. It displaces oil at a rapid rate through your suspension's components every time it moves… thousands of times… every time you ride. As such it is very important to have your forks and shock(s) serviced regularly.

The orifices and tolerances built into today's high performance machines are extremely fine and so their performance can easily be compromised by oil that is contaminated, dirty or aerated. We fully strip your suspension units, inspect, clean and rebuild to exacting and meticulous standards with ultra slippery superior oils to make your bike feel better than it did when it left the showroom floor. Our recommended service intervals are listed below.

In addition to servicing we can modify your existing components to better suit your intended usage as described on our home page. Even aftermarket suspension from Ohlins, WP, Penske etc can be significantly improved upon and tailor made to work better for you and your application.

Service recommendations:
MotoX: 25 hours
Road Racing: Twice per season
Road bikes: 20,000kms

Fork Service (including seals and oil):
from R900
Fork Re-valve/Setup:
Shock Service (including seals, bushes, o-rings, oil and nitrogen):
from R950
Shock Re-valve/Setup:
Non-Cartridge Fork Mods
Fork Straightening & Replacements
from R250
Springs (Modification and or Replacements)
Custom Suspension Lowering
Fork Kits
Shock Kits
C2P Replacement Shocks
Crank Pressing
BMW F800 Cup Racing Conversions (Forks and Shock)
ZX10 Cup Racing Conversion
Field and Race Support

Custom Made Shocks to Order

We build C2P shocks for a wide range of modern bikes but can also supply you with a custom built shock for something more unusual. We can make a shock specifically for yor purpose from a wide stock of parts and experience. We have a range of bodies, pistons, shafts, end-eyes etc. that will be mated to a suitable spring on a shock that incorparates high/low speed compression, rebound and preload adjustment.
We have built shocks for many road and race bikes as well as for the following rarer machines... Suzuki's classic Katana, Yamaha VMax, Yamaha RZ500, Oval Racing Cars, Yamaha Blaster Quad, TL1000 etc etc etc

Additional Services and Products

We carry out crank pressings and balancing as well as stocking aftermarket conrod kits and bearing kits for single cylinder 2 stroke / 4 stroke MotoX Bikes.

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