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Race-Win Tyre Warmers
We manufacture five categories of tyrewarmers:

125 GP Machines (95/17 & 115/17)
Super Motard / Powersport (120/17 & 160/17)
Supersport 600 (120/17 & 180/17)
Superbike (120/17 & 190/17)

Our tyrewarmers are made from a durable weather and heat stable materials. We use approx 35metres of heating element wire which is made from nickel (3 core) coated with silicone which radiates off excellent heat.
- Insulated to keep the heat in
- Elasticated for easy fitting, with velcro attachments.
- Power plug is illuminated to indicate power supply. The tyrewarmres have a thermo switch which controls the temp automatically (pre-set), and will regulate the temp itself.
Black is our stock colour,.enquire for other colours.

Race-win has been manufacturing tyrewarmers since 1999.

Prices from R2,500 for Superbikes/Supersport, R2,250 for 125cc


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