Honed on the racetrack with multiple track records and championships, we provide bespoke solutions for all your motorcycle suspension needs.

MP Custom Valve Suspension prides itself on being a leading independent motorcycle suspension specialist. We offer a full range of motorcycle suspension products and services. Riders can improve the ride quality of their machines by having their bike set-up in our workshop or for those looking for the ultimate in ride quality and grip we can offer front fork cartridge kits, replacement shock absorbers and steering dampers; all tailored to your specific requirements. On the racing side of our operation we also provide bespoke suspension engineering.

Martin is renowned throughout motorcycle racing circles for his superb knowledge and passion for race suspensions. He has a solid reputation the past 25 years as an acclaimed suspension tuner, fondly named the ‘Guru’ of motorcycle suspension both locally and internationally. He is a sought-after suspension specialist with numerous international race teams still requesting his expertise.

MP Custom Valve was born the day Martin swung his leg over a 50cc motorcycle, whose suspension he had manufactured and modified himself. This knowledge laid a solid foundation of the company’s success to follow. He also started manufacturing specialised tyre warmers for the motorcycle racing industry back in 1991. This became known as Race-Win Tyre Warmers and are available nationwide at selected outlets.


    • A passionate motorcycle enthusiast who uses his wealth of knowledge, proven engineering principles and the finest equipment to tailor bikes to customers’ precise requirements.
    • Extensive knowledge of road, track and race suspension and performance engineering.
    • Started racing in 1984, quickly progressed to the 400cc production and 250cc Grand Prix motorcycles.
    • Won 5 National Championships with the 250cc Winston Yamaha Team.
    • 1992 – achieved Springbok Colours in the 250cc class.
    • 1992 – placed 2nd behind Pier-Francesco Chili in the International Grand Prix held at Kyalami.
    • 1995 – retired racing and joined several succesful SA race teams as a suspension specialist tuner.
    • 2001 – assisted team AutoPage Honda, won the 600cc SA title with Greg Dreyer.
    • 2002 – joined the Cell C Suzuki team specialising in the 1000cc bikes.
    • 2004 – assisted team Cell C Suzuki, won the the 1000cc SA title with Hudson Kennaugh.
    • 2005 – assisted team Suzuki SA, won the GSXR European Cup Championship with Hudson Kennaugh.
    • 2008–2018 – Joined the Anassis Race Team as Chief Suspension Technician.
    • 2017 – MP Custom Valve acclaimed the distributorship for Öhlins Suspension and since then trained several Öhlins Service Centres across the country.
    • 2019 – became an Independent Suspension Öhlins Support Technician for National Racing in South Africa and continues to do so...